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Xyla is a pink haired hero who was raised as an elite Forest Agent. She realised early on in her life that dedication to her jumping and shooting skills would lead her to success. Work with Xyla as she navigates unpredictable terrain and as she fights her foes to restore balance on the forest floor. Xyla's unique jumping and flying techniques allow movement not only the traditional left to right movement but allows Xyla to discover secret areas and explore maps in a in a way that takes her to all four corners of the forest.

Forest Fiends

Red 'Shroom

Red 'Shroom This little shroom is... well little and unimaginatively named. Smaller than its angry spawning cousin the Blue Shroom it can sneak under Xyla’s offensive and defensive skill sets. Keeping to usually set patrol patterns Xyla watches and waits for an opening before neutralising this deceiving foe.

Xyla and the forest folk enjoy a lovely mixed shroom omelette of red and blue shrooms when the fight is over.

Blue 'Shroom

The 'shrooms were invasive and evasive during this time of war. A flash of pink stretched across the ground as acorns spun towards a blue fungi well equipped for a flawless fight fluctuating on the forest floor. The untrustworthy and deceitful blue 'Shroom of Doom had very few friends and like to crush butterflies beneath his shroomy little fungi feet. Blue 'Shroom

Xyla, hair so pink, managed to drop to the ground firing her trusty acorn gun. The normally quick blue shroom was tough enough to take one or two acorns but finally felt it was time to be returned to the soil of the forest. There would be no mourning for the blue 'shroom.

Far Too Big Fly

Fly The thunderous flapping of wings crack through the skies as the first sighting of these overly large insect crosses Xyla's path. It sees Xyla from long distances and will use its overly powerful homing skills to track and destroy the pink haired adventurer. It has air to air and air to ground firing power as the black terror spits remnants of its last meal at its prey.

It spawns at the most inopportune times and can advance from any angle during Xyla's adventures. When on holidays Far Too Big Fly enjoys water activities including sailing and fishing. Fly fishing of course.

Cannon Plant

Cannon Plant Jumping is one of Xyla's innate skills. A double jump had saved her life many times over. Especially when it comes to the 'Shrooms surface to air armament, the Cannon Plant. This pink flora has a special gland which creates a hard-shelled seed which it then fires at unexpected foe. The cannon plant can be returned to the forest after a few strikes with the weapon of choice.

Bulbous Blue Blob

Mini Boss Xyla had pushed her way through many obstacles on her journey to free her colleagues from the 'Shrooms of Doom. She paused for but a moment as a terror appeared before her. 'I have just seen your captured friends. They are tired and hungry. When they know that I slayed you in mortal combat their will to survive will be depleted,' said the strangest thing Xyla had ever seen.

'How do you fight with such a big bulbous blue eye?' she said playing for time so she could figure out a way to slay this beastie. With a swoosh and a click Xyla swapped weapons and was now equipped to avenge her fellow Forest Agents.

You Dirty Rat

Rat One of few beasts that Xyla meets on her quest that is not part of the Shrooms of Doom gang. The Rat works alone and lives for the times when she can hinder the progress of Xyla. You Dirt Rat is usually found among other beasts hiding in the worst of all locations and will follow Xyla for as long as she can keep up the pace. It is best jumping on this beast or dispatch it with a well-aimed acorn round.

Charlie Cat

Charlie Cat Charlie cat was sent by the 'Shrooms of Doom to make sure the Indie Developers at goodWeatherGames are distracted by his mess making and his overly cute disposition. The developers try and shoo him away and would love to ignore his overbearing pleas for love and attention. Charlie Cat is most annoying during testing and design but can also be found at 3am calling for food. Xyla has never met Charlie Cat and probably wouldn't like his menacing antics.

Pink Punk

Pink Punk When the 'Shrooms of Doom need their bosses or secret areas protected Xyla always looks forward to the battles with the Pink Punk. Enormous eyes and a quick dispassionate attack pattern makes this horror of the skies one of the forests greatest foes.

Careful consideration and planning will offer Xyla the possibility of survival when encountering this pretty coloured monster. Running away is the method that most use on first encounter although the Pink Punk will more often than not keep attacking sticking to no real patrol path.

Keep away and plan the offence.

Bird with Stones

Bird with Stones This bird has massive stones and is brave as well. Comes from the hillier areas of the forest and appears when Xyla least expects it. Bird with Stones is quite weak when attacked head on and is usually accompanied by ground fiends which make it difficult to deal with in a group.

Academics at the forest institute are still studying how to gain meat from this specimen that seemingly defies physics by having a head for a body and wings for ears. These critters sometimes drop keys once they are returned to the forest, so it is best to attack them when you see them just in case there are goodies you need for your quest.

Watch for this flying physics denier in hilly areas and watch out for her forest floor fondling fiendy friends.

The Guardians

Owl Guardian Tree Guardian Everyone reports to someone. There is always a chain of command that leads somewhere. As in every reality the people at the top are usually dodgy, untrustworthy and downright evil.

Cue the 'Shroom Guardians, those that control, dictate and direct the legions of 'shrooms that protect these evil guardians. When the 'Shrooms of doom fail in the quest to stop Xyla the Guardians appear and are formidable and quite frankly a bit of a pain for Xyla.

The Guardians take a lot of fighting to get under control. Usually the 'shrooms create caches of ammunition and health replenishment spells around each Guardian. You can use these spells if you get there first.

Make each shot count as these monsters will wait for you to run out of ammunition and count you as done.

Carnie Vore

Carnie Vore The ferocious fleshing fracturing fiend lives on the floor and can attack Xyla as she jumps through obstacles on her way to victory. Carnie Vore is a static position fiend and has no projectile weaponry. Do not let this plants lack of movement deceive you. Carnie Vore will remain dormant until Xyla least expects it and will snap at her heels to hinder her progress.

Xyla does not like this fiend as it is mostly inedible and adds no great value to her meal preparation or recipe library.

How to Play


Game play screen

Move left: left arrow

Move right: right arrow

Jump: jump button

Double jump: press jump button again whilst in the air

Shoot: shoot button

Change weapon: touch weapon icon

Climb up ladder: up arrow

Climb down ladder: down arrow


Move left: left arrow/A key

Move right: right arrow/D key

Jump: space bar

Double jump: press space again whilst in the air

Shoot: V key/left shit key

Run faster: hold down X key

Change weapon: click weapon icon or T key

Climb up ladder: up arrow/W key

Climb down ladder: down arrow/S key