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Game:  Xyla and the ‘Shrooms of Doom

Concept:  Xyla is a pink haired hero who was raised as an elite Forest Agent. She realised early on in her life that dedication to her jumping and shooting skills would lead her to success. Work with Xyla as she navigates unpredictable terrain and as she fights her foes to restore balance on the forest floor.

Platforms:  This platformer game will be available on iOs, Android and Steam late February 2020

Studio:  goodWeatherGames

Website:  http://www.goodweathergames.net/xyla.html

Social media:  Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/@XylaShroomsDoom
              Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xylaAndShrooms

Email:  support@goodweathergames.net

Short Stories:  There are plans to create several short stories and a Children’s Book due late 2020.

Very little room. Room. I need room to jump. A head wobble produced a flurry of pink hair which settled perfectly in place amongst two roughly tied pony tails. Deep light blue eyes flicker on sloping forest floor. The smell of fresh trampled undergrowth hinted at presence of a menace. Perhaps a few menacing sorts, Xyla thought. She was moving steadily and checking each couple of feet for traps or any signs of her foe.

Xyla could smell another consistent stench. It started a few minutes ago and was getting stronger. The nauseating odour stood out from the crushed flora as it stayed in the air and did not mix with the ground smell. Two separate beasts. Spying a long gap in front of her she checked behind her... the attack came in like an angry Snaggle beast. Swift and considerably challenging. Xyla leapt and pounced on the Blue Shroom of Doom and bounced away to relative safety. Checking for damage on the shroom she sighed. It was still kicking, 'It that all you have, weak very weak,' shouted a shroom who seem dishevelled after the last attack.

Xyla was over this already and needed to get through this so she could deal with whatever was making that stench in the air. Time to get things moving, she thought. As a last resort Xyla is trained in the Forest Agency art of acorn flinging. Xyla reached behind her and equipped herself with the Forest Flinger 4000. Checking ammunition, she charged the flinger with a small spoken spell, aimed and flung the acorn at the annoying blue 'shroom. To be continued...

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boFNdV6aC6Q