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Wordy McWord Game is a brain-training word puzzle game that will test your vocabulary and memory skills by finding words from a random table of letters. It’s addictive and easy to use game play will keep you on your toes from the very first level. It is designed for people who want to keep their minds active and improve their memory and vocabulary while still having fun. Wordy McWord Game can be played on computer or mobile device and can be enjoyed if you have 5 minutes or 5 hours to play. The game play is designed to be both relaxing and stimulating and is suitable for all ages.

Wordy McWord Game is a grid-based word puzzle game. Words are made by selecting from the available letter tiles, in the order to spell a word. Selected letters are shown in a word box, which will highlight green when the selected letters form a valid word. Words are scored based on the letter values, and the length of the word. The user can choose the difficulty level for the game (from easy, medium and hard), this will determine the size of the grid and the objectives required to finish the level. Some of the letters in the grid hide special bonuses. Bonuses are also awarded for completing levels and high scores.

Are argute and flocculent really words? Find out in this brain jerking puzzle and word finding experience from goodWeatherGames.

Quick Tips

Screen shot
Click on letter tiles to make words
Letters do not have to be next to each other
Valid words will turn green in the word bar
Invalid words will turn red in the word bar
To clear an invalid word click the word bar when its red
Clicking letters will add them to the word bar
Clicking a letter twice will remove it from the word bar
Use bombs to get new letters
Use potions to get word hints
Change difficulty under options
Longer words score more points
Yellow tiles gives bonuses and earns stars
Blue tiles score bonus power ups
Meet the level objectives to complete the level
Proper nouns (names of people, places, days of the week, etc) are not valid words


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How to Play

Level Objectives

Each level has unique objectives. This is shown at the start of the level and can be viewed in level by selecting the pause button. Objectives are also shown at the bottom of the screen. Each level also has a maximum number of words allowable to complete it. Objectives may inlcude:

  • Scoring a number of points
  • Creating a number of words that start with a letter
  • Creating a number of words that include a letter
  • Creating a number of words of a certain length
  • Creating a certain word

How to Make Words

Just click on a letter in the letter grid. Selected letters will appear above the grid in the word bar.

  • Words must be 3 letters or longer
  • If the letters selected form a valid word, the letter tiles and word bar will turn green Valid word
  • Clicking on the word bar when it is green will submit the word
  • If the letters selected form an invalid word, the letter tiles and the word bar will turn red Invalid word
  • Clicking the word bar when it is red, will clear the current letters
  • The last letter added to the word bar may be removed by clicking it again
  • Proper nouns such as names of people or places, or days of the week cannot be used

Three Letter Words

There are a limited number of three letter words available for each level.



You can earn stars on each level. Stars are earned by creating words using the yelllow letter tiles. A word created with a star tile earns double the points


Refreshing Lettters

Bombs are used to remove the current letter tiles and replace them with new ones. Bombs are used by clicking on them. You can randomly win bombs by using the gift tiles or can swap gems for bombs


Word Hints

If you get stuck for a word, potions can be used to give hints. Potions are used by clicking on them. You can randomly win potions by using the gift tiles or can swap gems for potions


Extra Moves

If you run out of moves before completing a level, extra moves can be purchased with gems


Bonus Gift Tiles

Levels may contain gift tiles, using a gift tile in a valid word will receive bonuses such as bombs, potions, extra three letter words, or bonus points



Scoring is based on the letters used and the length of the word. The letter score is based on the scoring for Scrabble letters.

  • 1 point is scored for using letters A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U
  • 2 points are scored for using letters D, G
  • 3 points are scored for using letters B, C, M, P
  • 4 points are scored for using letters F, H, W, Y, V
  • 5 points are scored for using letter K
  • 8 points are scored for using letters J, X
  • 10 points are scored for using letters Q, Z
  • 4 letter words 2x bonus
  • 5 letter words 3x bonus
  • 6 letter words 4x bonus etc
  • Making words with the star tiles doubles the points
  • Making words with the gem tiles adds 50 points


There are 3 levels of difficulty available. The default mode is 'medium'. The difficulty can be changed in options which is available from the main screen.


In app purchases can be made to purchase gems, which can then be used to add extra moves, exchange letters or get word hints, there are several packages to choose form. Any in app purchase will remove the ads from the game


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